What shall I ask?

Good question – answer: ‘have a go!’ If you don’t ask you may never get to know the answer.  So be brave!

The seminar will leave you with many unanswered questions; and so it should – you are a unique human being with a lifetime’s experience to draw upon. Now you are taking advantage of your future. Also, remember, that you are alive at a unique period in human history, why? – Knowledge, it’s everywhere. You are zettabyte man and can find out anything that you want about anything! (well, you probably won’t get Her Majesty’s mobile number but we did say ‘realistic’ in affirmations…..). ‘To be or not to be’, you won’t find the answer on Google!

So, what is the issue, and remember ‘what does it look like when you don’t have the problem? We need to put the dilemma to the ‘enforcer’. Get the ‘current reality’ clear, get the outcome clear and stand back. The purpose of this page is to put your question to a wider circle of brains all of whom want to help you get resolution! Go for it!