Learn to rewrite your ‘software’

Our brains and our conditioning are a combination of DNA from our ancestors and our own leaning and experiences. In some cases this is of benefit, but we also know that we hinder ourselves with current thinking.

Most people are ‘technophobes’ but expect a lot from their technology without understanding that it is a very simple tool – not unlike the stick our ancestors used to clobber sabre tooth tigers or ease out honey. Recent discovery of a tooth in Kent’s cavern in Torbay shows homo sapiens has been here for 48,000 years! This puts our recent experience into perspective. I ‘collapse’ a lap top and explain the similarities with our brains and our own ‘software’ inside. How did you put it in? and how does it govern how you deal with day to day experiences – with yourself, your family and you business?

On top of this we have a unique opportunity for the first time in the history of man to get any knowledge that you want – the internet. I don’t have to remind you that recent experiences in the ‘Arab Spring’ have shown this.

We are all ‘so busy’ that we have lost touch with all this remarkable experience, but are like rabbits in the headlights in what is arguably the most dangerous economic times in the last 100 years.

What to do? Go on my seminar where you rediscover the extraordinary potential that every human has. Learn to look at your current ‘software’ and then how to rewrite it and adjust to your circumstances.