See you in London

London 116 Pall Mall photoWe hope you can join us on 8 March 2012 from 10 till 4 at the Institute of Directors in London. Guest speaker is John Redwood, author of, a hard hitting website providing contemporary comment on the credit crunch, the future of the Euro and much else, who will be speaking about “Doing Business in the Digital Age”.

Rollo Clifford, an internet entrepreneur and expert in change, has a lifetime’s experience in guiding companies, charities and groups through challenging times.  With his seminar “Take Advantage of Your Future” he shows participants how to use their best assets – their experience and their brains. The seminar empowers participants to overcome perceived or real obstacles, thus putting them in a better position to improve performance in the current economic climate.

“According to the Bank of England’s governor the path to economic recovery is slow and uncertain. You need your brain to be finely tuned to all opportunities and threats over the next few years”, explained Rollo Clifford. “My seminar is guaranteed to make you think – thus improving your business chances.”

“We are delighted that John Redwood has agreed to join us as a guest speaker over lunch”, added Rollo.  “John has been involved in turning around many companies in difficulties and is therefore in an excellent position to advise on how to do business in the digital age.”

“Rollo is right to mentor, warn and advise companies on the very different conditions we now face in business”, commented John Redwood.  “The rise of many new competitors in the emerging economies, the interaction of customers and commentators through Facebook and Twitter, the ever present threat or advantage of You Tube sensations, have made business more electric, more dangerous and potentially more rewarding.”

Join us if you like to take advantage of your future!

You can book by going to the booking page on this website, by calling Elke on 07881504863 or by sending an email to


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