Tuesday 17th IOD seminar

Looking forward to seeing you all for a very interesting day: please read this before you attend

Take Advantage of Your FutureSeminar.
There are three core elements to this seminar: the ‘Knowledge Revolution’, the Evolution of Homo sapiens and the Current Thought patterns in your head, your personal ‘software programme’. For the first time in the history of the human race, we (humans) have the ability to access knowledge to a far greater extent than ever before. This has caused an explosion in knowledge; driven and confused by the concurrent growth of technology and the Internet. ‘I’m only human’ is an oft repeated reaction to all this. Being only human has its advantages! You are born with 48,000 years of developed Homo sapiens thinking which is ‘hardwired’ into your DNA – Fight, Flight, or Freeze. The rapid development of technology and the Internet has swamped us ‘only humans’. Geeks may thrive on it; others say ‘I don’t understand all this’ and retreat from the pressure saying ‘they are too busy’. After all, if you’re not seen to be ‘busy’, you’re not thought to be doing your job properly! Most of us are somewhere in between. We will look at all three aspects, focusing on you and where you’re heading. What you will get is a review of simple truths and common sense. Be assured, that on this seminar, your thoughts and beliefs are yours alone. (Your personal world is private). You will gain an insight into the world of neuroscience and the growing understanding of the function of that most mysterious of our organs – our brain. The whole idea is to work smarter not harder. Prior to the seminar, you will be asked to record recurrent thoughts you have about yourself, your family, and your work. During the day you will be able to evaluate these against your ‘new knowledge’, gaining a greater understanding of how you and the technology that surrounds us can be more effective and efficiently used to achieve your goals.

Research shows ‘we have 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, 80% of these were found to be negative’. During the next few days, note down your most frequent thoughts. Focus on those to do with you, your family, and your job. Set yourself the goal of collating your predominant thoughts; they are private and personal, but RELEVANT. You will not be asked to reveal any of them, so be honest with yourself! You will then be prepared to analyse these thoughts in the light of newly acquired techniques, as you fine tune your ‘software programme’. Enjoy listening to yourself! The seminar is a three step programme, the thinking before,during and after -the more you put into each the more you get out of it.

Note for the IOD:
“IoD premises are a place for business, and in consideration for others, members and their guests are expected to dress accordingly – at least ‘smart casual’.

With the exception of 123 Pall Mall, T-shirts and trainers are not permitted in any IoD premises. For the Restaurant at 116 Pall Mall, gentlemen are required to wear a Jacket and jeans will not be permitted.”

Have fun thinking on ‘your thinking’ and see you at 0930 at the IOD. Go in the main entrance and you will see a sign post to the Trafalgar Room.
Best Wishes – and call me if you have any questions!
Rollo Clifford


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