All organisations face opportunities and threats from the Knowledge Revolution. What does that mean to your organisation?

This is a ‘template’ to be adjusted and fine-tuned to your requirements:

  1. We will conduct an audit of your current web presence drawing on the skills of our global partners who are leaders in the field.
    Rollo Clifford will  present an overview of ‘what is going on’ to your management team giving you the feedback.  1 hour.
  2. The Coaching session. Rollo Clifford will run a session to ensure that your management team understand how to take advantage of their best assets – their mental prowess and years of experience.  3 hours.
  3. Rollo Clifford and your designated director(s) then run a similar session with the whole organisation; focussing on what is RELEVANT, internally and externally, to make it an automatic, instinctive, vibrant and flexible corporate culture. 3 hours.
  4. Develop a regular review and strategy to ensure you are always one step ahead in the Knowledge Revolution. Developing an instinctive ability to be more innovative, effective, and faster than your competitors. Ongoing.

Our team will work with you to organise each session to fulfil your requirements.

Join the revolution – don’t get swamped by it! 


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