Relevant, to Village People

Relevant to village people.
The knowledge revolution claims more victims and wins stunning victories by the day.
The 3m plus views of a Scottish school girls meals was seen around the world, in spite of the local councils effort to ban her innocent record of the dinners they served. The dinners have, of course, improved immediately!
The puzzle of the internet causes much disturbance in the ether. All the Internet does is enable human beings, with their hundreds of years of behavioural development, to do what is ‘only human’ but in a greater number, faster than ever before. What they use to do it, twitter, Facebook, google +, etc are merely tools we use……not unlike savannah mans club or zettabyte mans iPad, or the new nexus 7.
But what the Internet cannot do is ignore the basic human rights of individuals laid out, after much thought, in the US constitution, the UN charter of Human Rights, or heaven forbid, the mighty tome of the European version! The Internet is our Internet, and subject to the rule of law, our freedom of speech. So what? The massive power vested in the new hi-tech companies are struggling to balance justification for staggering valuations with these basics. Neither the ‘government’ or ‘corporate’ bodies quite knows how sure they are of their positions. All the while millions of us mere mortals click our way in a microsecond to that which satisfies our needs. See the Wikileaks dilemma and the desire to see and know everything we do on the Internet ‘in our interests’. What is demonstrably true is that when we instinctively feel we cannot TRUST our favourite app we consign it to the ‘old app bin’ How many apps have you got on your kit that you no longer use but hesitate to delete?
On Exmoor there are the remains of once thriving iron ore mines and their villages. Once upon a time the Phoenicians came to the West Country for our ores and minerals. Nowadays we take it for granted that they come from somewhere else. We farm sheep now, but we did export them to Australia and New Zealand and we now get it back frozen in the supermarket. Imagine the locals gossip while this decline went on, when someone suggested taking sheep to the other side of the world! They don’t talk about it here now but they do in the global village. China is spending trillions opening up mineral rich Africa – and not at Exmoor or Australian standards. See
There are more cities of over a million in Africa than in China. There are enormous populations, in India, China, Indonesia and all over the Far East who are grabbing the knowledge revolution with open arms and their mobile devices. Nowadays Exmoor deals direct with the world – unthinkable only a few years ago. The problem is the urban mind set. ‘everyone I talk to says the same’ – yes,in a city but now they have the Internet in common. The extraordinary rise of single issue political sites such as the Pirate Party are shaking the solid beliefs of politicians all around the world. Suddenly it does not matter what the people of Athens, Rome,Moscow, Sydney,or London think – it’s what a large numbers of ‘followers’ think – the global village. But it was ever thus. Jaw, jaw is better than war, war; even if what the latest feed from iPhones in Syria shows us is horrible. But we see it, we feel it, as if it was in our village and the world has had enough. The greater good of the greater, Internet connected world will reach new levels of human achievement – see Aristotle blog previously ! Go well!

Why Boris won?

First I should admit bias, the Johnson’s are also an Exmoor family. As I write, about  Savannah man to Zettabyte man, I elude to ancient British sites on Exmoor, as opposed to the hi- tech Knowledge Revolutionaries in the Capital.

There’s an echo of ‘the rumble in the jungle’ about Boris. The Knowledge Cloud is focussed on constantly asking ‘what is RELEVANT – to you, your job and your family and vice versa; why? Because to the rest of the world it is irrelevant, ‘Twas ever thus, from Exmoor to City Hall. Voters vote at polling stations today,they gave up the bludgeons of their forebears long ago (no lifts in those days!), to settle their differences!

Our long developed instincts do shed a view on the contest. In a tribe, we all circle around the potential leaders. Ken is associated with his newts – perhaps newts if they talked, would sound like him. He’s keen on protecting his bit of the river bank and his supply of worms, he’s quite happy to share your worms, but not his own! Whereas, Boris could only be a ‘big beast’! Do we instinctively like the leonine mane, the roars, the disdain for the others in the jungle – with a kind heart not unlike the lion in The Wizard of Oz?

London is the pre-eminent financial centre of the world and produces £1 in every £5 of UK tax revenue. The big beasts meet around the City watering hole. Alpha males and predatory instincts abound.

The other ‘Big Beasts’ instinctively ‘felt he understood the drivers of commerce and the need for wealth creation …  others for more prosaic reasons…changing mayors would be unsettling’. James Ashton, City Editor, Evening Standard. Timeless judgements, but with no disrespect to the other candidates, the others were like hyenas at the heels of the Lion and the Newt.

Boris also exhibits other ‘real’ or ‘perceived’ characteristics:  most people would find it hard to be the character he is – Boris doesn’t know he is…’s instinctive! In the genes, sorry, Stanley! He appears somewhat bemused by the observations of the media jackals. However, since none of us can tell our Peloponnesos from our Peloponnesus, he does not feel the need to explain!

Just ‘keep on runnin’ Boris! Let’s ensure London is the finest city in the world – and learn to be proud of it, even if you come from Exmoor!

The Software Programme for the Brain is coming to Minehead, Somerset

Local Minehead and Exmoor business people have the opportunity to attend Rollo Clifford’s seminar about how to take advantage of their future in the current economic climate on 22 March 2012 at the Hobby Horse in Minehead.  Guest speaker is Adrian Humphreys,WPA’s managing director responsible for corporate business.

West Porlock based Rollo Clifford, an internet entrepreneur and expert in change, has a lifetime’s experience in guiding companies, charities and groups through challenging times.  With his seminar “Take Advantage of Your Future – The Software Programme for Your Brain” he shows participants how to use their best assets – their experience and their brains. The seminar empowers participants to overcome perceived or real obstacles, thus putting them in a better position to improve performance in the current economic climate.

“According to the Bank of England’s governor the path to economic recovery is slow and uncertain. You need your brain to be finely tuned to all opportunities and threats over the next few years”, explained Rollo Clifford. “My seminar is guaranteed to make you think – thus improving your business chances.”

Adrian Humphreys, Managing Director, Corporate Group, WPA, grew up on Exmoor

“We are delighted that Adrian Humphreys has agreed to join us as a guest speaker over lunch”, added Rollo.  “Adrian grew up on Exmoor and, having spent many years abroad working for an international management consultancy, is now the Managing Director of WPA’s Corporate Group, a leading UK health insurer with a not-for-profit heritage of over 110 years.”

“Answering three simple questions will allow companies to move in a positive direction”, commented Adrian Humphreys.  “Inertia is the secret enemy, but there are many ways companies are able to excel even in the current economic climate.”Part of the proceeds of the seminar will go to local charity “GoCommando”, supporting Royal Marines and their families.