For God , Queen, and Country!

Porlock welcomed the Olympic Flame this week, and Vera, in her 100th year, was there, an Olympian.

Today we bury Margaret, another Olympian. Then we will celebrate the Jubilee of the Greatest Living British Olympian, Her Majesty the Queen. Each excelled, the world notices them by their deeds and each of these ladies was, and are, quietly, but powerfully, selfless. They each get ‘First’ for being ‘Last’ – the ultimate accolade. A lifetime of persistence and determination. Nothing glamourous,but, each story is enormously deep and touches the very core of our human psyche, the sort that sends tingles up your spine.

The Olympic Torch procession through the country is just a dress rehearsal for Her Majesty’s Jubilee. It has been a strangely emotional week; a change from the rush and self obsessed life portrayed by the media. It is as if the real story took over from the copywriters and camera lens, it showed us another world.

More people than expected, turned out. Often heard was “it made me quite emotional,I never thought it would be anything like this”.

Someone discussed the Queen’s tireless schedule; ”do you think she ever wakes up and says ‘oh, another hospital, school,……” Absolutely not, her sense of duty is as instinctive as breathing, always with a smile and good humour. Her Majesty meets the Veras and Margarets every day – they look each other in the eye, and they know: they know that which never needs to be spoken. They know the depth of total love for others, the unrelenting desire to help others, to listen, to sympathise, to give us poor ‘only humans’ the priceless gift – ‘someone cares, someone loves me, someone understands me. I am alone no more. I am at peace’.

It is often said of the Queen, by those that have met her, ‘she was so normal’. What a compliment. But what does it take to be normal? Thats the Olympic Gold in all of these ladies. To strive to win, but not for me; for my country, for my family, for my world. Beware, oh, ye doom merchants, for inspired by such as these, we are on our way to new Olympian heights! Perhaps more items of good news from the media might be in order?

There was another moment this week where a softly spoken, thoughtful, Brit got his Gold, from Her daughter: “Arise Sir Jonathan Ive – still British to the Core”. “The honour is incredibly humbling” – Well, thanks Jonathan, for iPods, iPhones, iPads! We always knew they couldn’t do it without an Englishman!

Inspired by such as these we can do anything – thank God for all the Elizabeths, Margarets, Veras and Jonathans, by their example, we can be sure we are living with the great Elizabethans. Last word from Sir Jonathan : ‘All I’ve ever wanted to do is design and make: it’ s what I love doing. Its great if you can find what you love to do. Finding it is one thing but to be able to practice and be preoccupied with that is another’ And so say all of us!

Thank God for them all!!! But don’t show them this because, you know what they would say……