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London 116 Pall Mall photoWe hope you can join us on 8 March 2012 from 10 till 4 at the Institute of Directors in London. Guest speaker is John Redwood, author of, a hard hitting website providing contemporary comment on the credit crunch, the future of the Euro and much else, who will be speaking about “Doing Business in the Digital Age”.

Rollo Clifford, an internet entrepreneur and expert in change, has a lifetime’s experience in guiding companies, charities and groups through challenging times.  With his seminar “Take Advantage of Your Future” he shows participants how to use their best assets – their experience and their brains. The seminar empowers participants to overcome perceived or real obstacles, thus putting them in a better position to improve performance in the current economic climate.

“According to the Bank of England’s governor the path to economic recovery is slow and uncertain. You need your brain to be finely tuned to all opportunities and threats over the next few years”, explained Rollo Clifford. “My seminar is guaranteed to make you think – thus improving your business chances.”

“We are delighted that John Redwood has agreed to join us as a guest speaker over lunch”, added Rollo.  “John has been involved in turning around many companies in difficulties and is therefore in an excellent position to advise on how to do business in the digital age.”

“Rollo is right to mentor, warn and advise companies on the very different conditions we now face in business”, commented John Redwood.  “The rise of many new competitors in the emerging economies, the interaction of customers and commentators through Facebook and Twitter, the ever present threat or advantage of You Tube sensations, have made business more electric, more dangerous and potentially more rewarding.”

Join us if you like to take advantage of your future!

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John Redwood, MP, is our guest speaker at the IOD

The Rt Hon John Redwood, MP, has just confirmed that he will be our guest speaker at the forthcoming “Take Advantage of Your Future” seminar at the Institute of Directors in London on 8 March 2012!

This is exciting news for us as John has turned around many companies in difficulties over the years, which puts him in a perfect situation to talk about how to do business at a time when we are facing a fundamental economic crisis. The path to recovery is slow and uncertain, according to Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England. It is therefore essential to work out a way that will guide us through and ultimately lead us out of the current situation.

Member of Parliament for Wokingham

Chairman of the Conservative Economic Affairs Committee

John Redwood campaigning against the Lisbon TreatyJohn Redwood has been the Member of Parliament for Wokingham since 1987. First attending Kent College, Canterbury, he graduated from Magdalen College, and has a DPhil from All Souls, Oxford. A businessman by background, he has been a director of NM Rothschild merchant bank and chairman of a quoted industrial PLC.

John was an Oxfordshire County Councillor in the 1970s. In the mid-1980s he was Chief Policy Advisor to Margaret Thatcher. He urged her to begin a great privatisation programme, and then took privatisation around the world as one if its first advocates before being elected to parliament. He was soon made a minister, joining the front bench in 1989 as Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Department of Trade and Industry. He supervised the liberalisation of the telecoms industry in the early 1990s and became Minister for Local Government and Inner Cities after the 1992 General Election.

Shortly afterwards, John joined the Cabinet and served as Secretary of State for Wales from 1993 to 1995. In opposition he has acted as Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (1997-1999), Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (1999-2000) and Shadow Secretary of State for Deregulation (2004-2005). He stood for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 1995 and again in 1997.

John was a fellow of All Souls from 1972 to 1987 and again from 2003 to 2005. He was elected to a Distinguished fellowship of All Souls in 2007. He is currently a Visiting Professor for Middlesex University Business School and has published a number of books including ‘Superpower Struggles‘, on the European Union, China and the United States, ‘Just Say No‘ on why the UK should reject further European integration, and ‘Singing the Blues‘, his personal history of the Conservative Party throughout the last thirty years. His most recent publications are ‘I Want to Make a Difference, But I Don’t Like Politics‘, which examines the reason for the decline in membership of political parties and those voting in local and General Elections, and After the Credit Crunch: No More Boom and Bust, which considers the reasons behind the global recession and why Britain has been hit especially hard.

John is a frequent commentator in the media and is a keen cricketer and water sports enthusiast, and supports a number of different charities.

You can follow John Redwood on his website