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Like it or not; we are all part of an ongoing Knowledge Revolution. All around us, billions of fellow humans are discovering the joys of accessing unlimited knowledge for the first time in the history of the human race. There are those who ‘get it ‘and those that don’t.  Can they deny its existence?

Conversations that often ‘pop up’ include discussing the merits of a particular device or software. Our ancestors would have tested the best way of lighting a fire or designs for a wheel. Zettabyte man, ‘’you’’, listen to your friends discussing whether they should use a ‘BlackBerry ‘or an  ‘iPhone’, or saying  ‘I don’t do Facebook’ and ‘all this twitter stuff is rubbish’.  When you understand the wireless Internet Knowledge Revolution, you realise that all the new superfast ways of communicating are relevant; enabling you to grasp opportunities as they happen, to put you ahead of the game.

Phineas Fogg – Around the World in 80 days – needed to ditch excess weight from his balloon to get over the Alps. Nowadays you can fly around the world at light speed, but the need to ditch excess baggage is just as relevant. Do it now!

So why join our Network?  Well, it’s ‘virtual’, global and full of Knowledge Revolutionaries! A meeting of minds with all their potential will inevitably spark new thoughts, creativity and opportunities. That is The Knowledge Cloud  Network. Accelerate your chances of success by meeting others who have benefitted in The Knowledge Revolution.

On this site we post the regular London monthly meeting dates that are organised to give you the opportunity to meet other Knowledge Revolutionaries.

There is a blog on this website for Network members. We will post comments and examples of  ‘How to make the most of the incredible opportunities available to us’. Members will also be encouraged to share their stories.

On reading my page, you will see that I’ve had the privilege of coming across some pretty impressive Knowledge Revolutionaries in my time. I’ve invited a number of them to ‘inspire us’ for twenty minutes at each meeting! Their theme will be ‘Taking Advantage of the Knowledge Revolution’. Fascinating people, taken from all walks of life; I hope you will feel free to suggest additional speakers. Being a ‘virtual’ network, we will share the evening live on the site for those who are unable to attend in person. We would like  to offer members a number of opportunities, to enhance their potential in various ways, at a discounted price to the general public. Our aim is to give you the equivalent in discounts to your subscription. The subscription enables us to build a better and better network. Our goal is a ‘win win’ for all.

Rollo Clifford will run a number of three-hour ‘headware’ updates – venues, dates and details on this site.  In addition, we’re constructing a number of two-day ‘Ultimate ‘experiences. These will combine the ‘headware’ update with an unusual experience. These will be based around Exmoor in the West Country, sailing in the Solent and Historic Malta. Here, Revolutionaries will join 20 others in an experience designed to give them a broader perspective on the world. We aim to make these two days a mind stretching experience that is both enjoyable and unique.  You will come away recharged, with a changed perspective on the world.

See the network page for details. Come and join the Revolution!




The Revolution!

It’s a curious thing, for anyone with a sense of the historic, to be living midway through a genuine revolution. Few people would now dispute that our often painful transition to a digital era is likely to be as significant as the industrial revolution or the Reformation. But from our mid-point, what’s fascinating is the sense of powerlessness in the face of this rapid change. It’s as if we’re waving stop signs at a tsunami.

Antonia Senior Guardian 13/5/12


We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves….

A Tale of Two Screams

the scream by edvard munch Pictures, Images and Photos

The iconic picture of the Scream by Edvard Munch was sold for a record £73m yesterday. Most of us would never envisage paying that amount of money for a picture. Why is this relevant? It probably isn’t – so we’ll put it in the ‘interesting’ box.
The second scream is that of parents who are watching their child’s life ebb away for lack of a suitable organ doner.
Mark Zuckerbergs enlightened addition to Facebook yesterday is a remarkable illustration of the Knowledge Revolution in action. By clicking on your account you can elect to donate your organs if you should die – have you done it yet? It is not the concept that is so remarkable –  it is the consequence……US donors rose a staggering 700-% in a matter of hours and we will see what happens in the UK.
Bill Gates has philanthropically won Gold medals for his various health campaigns in Africa. Mark may achieve the same result in days in north America and Europe by the click of a button.
In the UK we have had campaigns to carry donor cards costing millions. Where’s yours? In the bottom of your handbag or briefcase? Or has it ‘got lost’ ? It’s difficult to say to the doctors that you had one somewhere when you are unconscious. Your family would be placed in a horrific situation whilst unbeknown to you the parents of that child are down the corridor in a similar state.
What a scream!   Make it a scream for joy and remember this every time you see ‘the Scream’.

The Knowledge Revolution

The French Revolution – Bastille Day July 14th 1749

How do you know that you are in a Revolution?
All around you,you can hear shouts, explosions, emotions are running high. Fear, confusion, anger, frustration has boiled over.
People are risking their lives.
How do you behave rationally?
How do you know which side you should be on?
Get it wrong and you might get hurt or die.
Get it right and you might be on the senate……and have your head chopped off six months later!

We are in the first stages of the Knowledge Revolution. For the first time in the history -48,000 years in the UK- of homo sapiens everyone has access to knowledge.

‘Knowledge ‘ = “ resources,treasure,means,wealth,power, substance and might”, OED

The wireless Internet world has reduced us to a global village. That cliché holds a hidden strength – your have thousands of years of hard-wired DNA based experience: fear, greed, fight, flight- that’s why we are here and Neanderthals aren’t. But sometimes we behave like them. Everyone is getting used to instant information. President Mubarak woke one morning to coffee served in his bedroom, yet days later he was in a prison cell.

In this year of the Olympics we see the highest degree of physical fitness. But, more than ever, coaches focus as much on the mental fitness of the athlete. It used to be enough to lecture on ‘grit and determination’ – it still is! But modern technology has also given us more knowledge of that most mysterious of organs – our brains. More importantly, the instructions we give our brains – see my review of Dr Steve Peters -the Chimp Paradox.  Peters coaches Sir Chris Hoy whose recent sprint from fourth to first was described as ‘miraculous’. Was it?

Following the success of the human genome project, scientists are now attempting to reproduce the ‘ I’m only human’ brain. The disturbing facts that are arising are both challenging and puzzling. The brain cell – a neuron- is ‘as powerful as your lap top’. Fine, but you and everyone you pay to run your business has 10 billion of them. Each would ‘cost £700,000 of electricity’ to run annually. What’s your real IT spend?

Twitter, Facebook, and websites are exploding at a rate that is ‘unreal’. The global village is communicating with itself just as a medieval or more ancient village did. But, by how much and what does it mean to you? Advertising spend on Google is now larger than on all traditional news in the US! Apple downloaded 24 billion apps to March 2012.

So what? A single YouTube clip of your company, your product can go viral and be seen by millions in a matter of hours. See examples on YouTube : ‘the cat and the printer’ has had 7.5m viewers to date!

So, know very clearly, where you are, where you are going and how each of your team can be a ‘Chris Hoy’ and make ‘miraculous’ an every day event – before some one else does. Life’s changing as you watch……Now where’s my Blackberry! Your fax machine and your……????…. sorry too busy! Too busy, we are all too busy, until we have a crisis. Back to the Bastille!

We don’t have to make this up, read, listen, – it’s all around you.

What’s being tweeted by the people in your business, and outside your business?

Careless talk costs lives. It can also save lives. This can damage your health and wealth or do the opposite. Can you take a chance?

The Knowledge Cloud is a focus for how to empower you and your team to keep ahead of the game! No time like the present….When shall we meet?