The Software Programme for the Brain is coming to Minehead, Somerset

Local Minehead and Exmoor business people have the opportunity to attend Rollo Clifford’s seminar about how to take advantage of their future in the current economic climate on 22 March 2012 at the Hobby Horse in Minehead.  Guest speaker is Adrian Humphreys,WPA’s managing director responsible for corporate business.

West Porlock based Rollo Clifford, an internet entrepreneur and expert in change, has a lifetime’s experience in guiding companies, charities and groups through challenging times.  With his seminar “Take Advantage of Your Future – The Software Programme for Your Brain” he shows participants how to use their best assets – their experience and their brains. The seminar empowers participants to overcome perceived or real obstacles, thus putting them in a better position to improve performance in the current economic climate.

“According to the Bank of England’s governor the path to economic recovery is slow and uncertain. You need your brain to be finely tuned to all opportunities and threats over the next few years”, explained Rollo Clifford. “My seminar is guaranteed to make you think – thus improving your business chances.”

Adrian Humphreys, Managing Director, Corporate Group, WPA, grew up on Exmoor

“We are delighted that Adrian Humphreys has agreed to join us as a guest speaker over lunch”, added Rollo.  “Adrian grew up on Exmoor and, having spent many years abroad working for an international management consultancy, is now the Managing Director of WPA’s Corporate Group, a leading UK health insurer with a not-for-profit heritage of over 110 years.”

“Answering three simple questions will allow companies to move in a positive direction”, commented Adrian Humphreys.  “Inertia is the secret enemy, but there are many ways companies are able to excel even in the current economic climate.”Part of the proceeds of the seminar will go to local charity “GoCommando”, supporting Royal Marines and their families.