Affirmations and visualization

In order to create meaningful and lasting change we need to change the recurrent thoughts – our ‘self-talk’ so that our ‘self-image’ and our brains automatically reflect the new truth.

You decide where to change. When you have done this, write your goals down. Write a brief definition of the way you want things to be, the way you wish to ‘see’ them. Remember the formula I xV=R, imagination times vividness equals reality on the subconscious level.  Now, fine tune them so that these brief statements have specific details. They must be positive, realistic and written in the first person, present tense. Remember, no comparisons -it’s you you’re interested in! Constantly develop a deeper spirit with each and keep it private!

Finally find somewhere quiet 10-15 min a day. This is your time, guard it jealously and effectively. Close your eyes and relax. When you are completely calm, read your affirmation yourself, picture images triggered by your words and feel the emotion stirred by these images. Take your time, delve deep into your subconscious. You will of course feel self-conscious to begin with and a bit ‘false’. So get used to it.
Remember Arnold Palmer? “And I find the more I practice the luckier I get…………”

Good luck, strong affirmations, persistence and determination = Results!