Shareholders are Revolting! The worms that turned…….

The recent rash of shareholder revolts in companies such as Barclays, easyJet, Trinity Mirror, Credit Suisse, and Citigroup is just the start, ‘but more looks like the start of a trend’.

‘So while the bosses made millions, the people they are supposedly working for made nothing’
”Eventually shareholders are going to become fed up with a stock market that rewards the people who manage companies but not the people who own them.’
Matthew Lynn 4th May 2012.

Oh, the revolution again….Pensioners who have saved all their lives are seeing minimal returns, when they expected comfortable twilight years. Then they discover what charges were taken from their returns. Governments seeking to clear their deficits by allowing inflation rates of 3%+ while deposit holders receive a pitiful 1% are seeing anger and frustration in recent polls. As for Greek, Spanish and other European countries – well, they are revolting. The US elections will be upon us soon, and the tax hikes will become Obama’s nightmare.

The talk around the board table will be all about ‘doing something’. The rise of the revolt led by Internet ‘noise’, will see a growing number of corporate charm offensives using a means new and unknown to many – the Internet. They dip their toe into ‘web water’ with misgivings at best and a naive innocence at worst that spells danger. If you, as a director, can put your hand on your heart and say, we know where we are, why we are doing it, where we are going to, and – most important, – that all of us are committed together to our shareholders (and our staff who are also in many case shareholders) then a properly portrayed web presence and message can be vital, virile and effective. If there is the slightest doubt or lack of integrity, you will not just be found wanting, but double the risk of being found out with consequences posted for all to see. Who’s for the ‘muppet award’?

Frightening, but full of potential to get it right. If you know how, great, – you will be a world leader, if not its risky. Talk to the experts – talk to us!


A Facebook miracle

The following article was published today in The Drum ( – it just shows the power of Social Media.

2 May 2012 – 12:04am Updated | by Noel Young | 0 comments

Facebook miracle! Organ transplant donors up 700% in a few hours

Zuckerberg: inspired by Steve Jobs
Zuckerberg: inspired by Steve Jobs

Facebook demonstrated the immense power of its marketing muscle yesterday after boss Mark Zuckerberg announced on morning TV that the social network was allowing its 900 million users to begin registering online as organ donors.

Within hours , an organisation in California reported a 700 per cent leap in people registering as donors. Facebook said last night that were “on track” to have 100,000 pople declare they were registered donors on Timeline as their profile page is now known.

The scheme , initially available in Britain and America, looks set to spark a huge jump in transplant donors , with the the ability to bring in young people a key element.

Zuckerberg said his friendship with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs , who got a liver transplant before he died last year, helped spur the idea. Mark had also talked talks with his,girlfriend medical student Priscilla Chan.

The organisation that reported a 700 per cent spike within hours of Zuckerberg’s announcement was Donate Life California, which is partnering with Facebook. By 5pm the figure was up to 1400%.

CEO Charlene Zitte said that the group got about 75 online sign-ups most days. By 11:20 a.m. yesterday , it had already received 416.

On “Good Morning America” Zuckerberg said they were allowing people to mark the date they became a registered donor on their Facebook Timeline in both America and Britain via links to official registries . The links should make it easier for people who want to donate their organs to sign up.

There was no word yet of sign-up totals in Britain and other parts of the US.

Charlene said,”We are seeing an immediate spike. It’s a great day. The reality is we’re saving lives today and I am so grateful to Mark Zuckerberg for his leadership, for being such a wonderful citizen.”

More than 112,000 Americans are waiting for organs and 18 people die every day .

Transplant surgeon Dr. Marc Melcher , of California”s Stanford Hospital said Facebook had brought “a bolt of hope… It was really amazing they took a big step like that,” , He changed his own Facebook profile to indicate he was a donor by 6:30 a.m. yesterday

Robert Redford’s son James , a liver transplant surrvivor, endured the wait for a matching donor. He said the Facebook initiative should make things easier. “It’s not saying you have to do it. I don’t believe you should ever say that. It’s allowing you to make a choice — if you want, you can.”

Facebook users who are already organ donors can add that information to their profile page, now known as their Timeline.

“We never could have anticipated that what started as a small network would evolve into such a powerful tool for communication and problem solving,” Zuckerberg and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post.

“We hope to build tools that help people transform the way we all solve worldwide social problems.”

Facebook is preparing an initial public stock offering expected later this month that could value the the company’ at $100 billion.