• Rationalizing worries
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Improvement on current situation
  • New ideas and and implementing them
  • Clarity, focus and self-belief
  • Clear thought-process
  • Insight into the future
  • Knowledge, and understanding
  • The confidence to tackle anything and succeed


I hope to put my brain to much better use after this stimulating day.

A very interesting, albeit mentally exhausting day. I left … inspired and fired up for the future, realizing that I have been on ‘stand by’ for a very long time.

A very thought provoking day! It will take me some time to digest it all and to see where I fit into the big picture.

… gave me a clear perspective on what I need to do, and the motivation to get on with it!

Probably one of the best days I have ever had. Serious mind food


Rollo Clifford certainly had an influence on the direction of our company in helping to create a structure which was extremely successful.  His ability to cajole, persuade and drive issues to fruition is beyond question, at the same time creating a sense of strength and determination among people he is working with.  I have no hesitation in recommending Rollo’s expertise.

John McCarthy M.B.E.
McCarthy and Stone plc, builders of over 40,000 retirement appartments

Rollo’s most direct involvement resulted in a very high profile team, sure of its standards and confident of meeting its stretch targets.  He helped us achieve this by challenging our assumptions and disturbign our sense of complacency. This team was a self regulating group for years after Rollo disengaged from the effort.

Margaret Brooks-Llamas
former Head of Citicorp Corporate Task Force, New York. Now CEO Veris International New York.

Rollo brings to every task a very high level of energy and enthusiasm coupled with a terrifically positive sense of purpose ositive sense of pupose and of optimism.  He has strong technical skills in areas of group behaviou and achievement, the ability to decipher the coded messages of your staff and the courage to cause them tobe aired and addressed.  This involvement always triggers a response. I have known Rollo for over a dozen years. In that time I have seen him as an instructor, enthusiast, discussion leader, and consultant.  I recommend him to all who feel the need to rethink their sense of purpose and their place in the world.

Ian Cormack
Former country head Citicorp UK and head of Glabal Financial Institutions Group. Now on the board of Aspen Insurance, MAVEN VCT plc. Qatar Financial Centre, Phoenix group plc, Bloomsbury Publishing plc and others.

A great motivator! A particularly creative man, enjoy him!

Tony Buzan
The inventor of Mind Maps

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